P0332 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low (Bank 2)

Description and meaning of DTC p0332

This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/model. A knock sensor tells the engine computerwhen one or more of your engine's cylinders are "knocking", that is,exploding the air/fuel mixture in a way that delivers less power and can bedamaging to the engine if prolonged. The computer uses this information to tunethe engine so that it doesn't knock. If your knocksensor on Bank #2 is generating a low output voltage (perhaps under 0. 5V), then it will trigger a P0332 DTC. This P0332 code may showup intermittently or the Service Engine light may be lit constantly. Other knock sensor related DTC codes include P0325, P0326, P0327, P0328, P0329, P0330, P0331, P0333, and P0334.

p0332 diagnostic trouble code symptoms

You may notice drivability problems including fluctation engine RPM, a loss of power, and perhaps somehesitation. There may also be other symptoms.

DTC p0332 - possible causes

Potential causes for a P0332 DTC include (but are not limited to):The knock sensor is faulty and needs tobe replacedThere is a wiring open/short/fault in the knocksensor circuitThe PCM/ECM has failed

How to fix OBD-II diagnostic trouble code p0332

Verify the resistance of the knock sensor(compare it to factory specs)Inspect for broken/frayed wires leading to the sensorCheck the wiring and connections leading to/from the knock sensor and PCM/ECMVerify proper voltage is reaching the knock sensor (e. g. 5 volts)Verify proper grounding of sensor and circuitReplace the knock sensorReplace the PCM/ECM

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