P0455 Evap System Large Leak Detected

Description and meaning of DTC p0455

This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/model. This indicates a fuel vapor leak or lack of purge flow in the EVAP controlsystem. It means a large leak has been detected. The (EVAP) emission controlsystem prevents the escape of fuel vapors from a vehicle's fuel system. Fuelvapors are routed by hoses to a charcoal canister for storage. Later, when theengine is running a purge control valve opens allowing intake vacuum to siphonthe fuel vapors into the engine. Related evaporative emission trouble codes include P0450, P0451, P0452, P0453, P0454, P0456, P0457, P0458, and P0459.

p0455 diagnostic trouble code symptoms

You likely won't notice any drivability problems.

DTC p0455 - possible causes

A code p0455 most likely means one or more of the following has happened:A loose or improperly affixed gas capA non-conforming gas cap (i. e. not factory/original brand)Other leak or damaged piece in EVAP system

How to fix OBD-II diagnostic trouble code p0455

With a p0455, the most common repair is to:Remove and reinstall the gas cap, clear the codes, and drive for a day andsee if the codes come back. Otherwise, replace the gas cap, and/orInspect the EVAP system for cuts/holes in tubes/hoses (you may hear a vacuumnoise or smell fuel), repair if necessarySources: B. LongoOther EVAP DTCs: P0440 - P0441 - P0442 - P0443 - P0444 - P0445 - P0446 - P0447 - P0448 - P0449 - P0452 - P0453 - P0456

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